The manufacture our products is supported by a proven design engineering section as well as a modern CNC technologies, well-equipped Test Laboratory. We utilizes computer-aided design and drafting systems, Pro Engineer software and the product development program.

With lean and modern manufacturing technologies , we can react promptly to customer requirement and keep lead times to minimum. An effective product supply chain makes sure that our product moves from origin to installation without time lags. Local customer service centers offer a single point of contact and support. By combining local knowledge with world-class research, product development and manufacturing capabilities, we set ever-higher standards of performance and user convenience. We also work closely with customers to pioneer the development for new products for their specific requirement.

Our engineering team have world-renowned expertise in conductor vibration control, and we manufactures a leading range of Spacers and Spacer Dampers for Twin, Triple and Quad conductor configurations, and Spacer Dampers for larger bundles can also be supplied, and also a full range of Stockbridge Vibration Dampers and high performance DOGBONE damper.